RARE (Rights and Responsibilities Empowerment):  Empowers youth ages 16-19 to find and use their voices to become positive change makers in their communities by understanding their rights and responsibilities. Funder: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

SAWA (Strengthening Amity With the Arts): Children in the SAWA program learn about and produce art, drama, music, and mosaics. By working together creatively, acceptance, honesty, respect and human rights are addressed, and these new skills are put into practice. The first SAWA was held in 2011 and was part-funded by the United Palestinian Appeal (UPA).

Football for Friendship: Children ages 8-18 play football and learn new techniques about team work, cooperation, understanding and respect for others. Boys and girls are challenged to excel physically and mentally on the field, and encouraged to translate new skills and values into all aspects of their lives. 

Together in One Basket: Young people improve their physical abilities and learn new basketball tactics, while developing teamwork, cooperation and leadership skills.